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Two decades in industry, originally from Slovakia spent six years in London bartending scene and now settled in Norway. He played an integral role in the opening and development of renowned establishments such as The Thief Bar, ISM, and iconic bar Pier42 which thrives at Amerikalinjen hotel in Norway. Winning several awards personally and also with the team. His main goal is to elevate drinking experience in Norway


An accomplished hotelier, restaurateur, and former Norwegian champion sommelier with a passion for food and beverage. With 25 years of experience spanning from start-ups, brasseries, and Michelin-starred restaurants, he always strive to bring a unique blend of culinary mastery and hospitality finesse to every new endeavor.


Adrian Michalcik is multi awarded bartender with the experience of 15 years in beverage gastronomy. His passion for flavours, cocktails and hospitality brought him the title of World´s Best Bartender by World Class in the year 2022. You can find him working behind the world's best bars around the globe, but also enjoy his cocktail creations in each sip of the Generous Cocktails. 


Get ready to elevate your cocktail experience with our Generous Cocktails! We are an Oslo-based company specializing in ready-to-drink cocktails, carefully crafted in collaboration with OHD distillery. With a focus on using local ingredients and flavors, we take pride in producing high end cocktails right here in our city. At our core, we aim to provide a solution to a common industry problem - the shortage of staff. We understand that finding skilled bartenders can be a challenge, which is why our ready-to-drink cocktails are here to save the day. No more need for professional mixologists, our cocktails are designed to be poured over ice, making them hassle-free and always consistent in taste.

The beauty of our cocktails lies in their serving simplicity. By following a foolproof pouring method, you can enjoy an expertly mixed cocktail every time. While pouring too little or too much might be the only mistake one can make, the taste will remain unchanged and delightful. Imagine the efficiency! While a skilled bartender can typically whip up two cocktails in a minute, with our GC cocktails, anyone can pour six in the same amount of time. This tripled efficiency will undoubtedly help bars and restaurants increase their revenue while serving high-end cocktails effortlessly. But the benefits don't end there. Our ready-to-drink cocktails open up new possibilities for venues without a bar.

Now, you can serve premium cocktails anywhere and create a memorable experience for your guests, whether it's a pop-up event, rooftop party, or busy bar. Our company operates on the foundation of two main pillars: quality and service. We prioritize the use of premium ingredients sourced locally, ensuring the highest standards in every sip. Additionally, our commitment to exceptional service means that we are devoted to making sure every customer enjoys their drinking experience from start to finish. Join us on a mission to make everyone drink better. With our generous cocktails, it's time to raise the bar and deliver unforgettable moments, one pour at a time. Experience the taste, efficiency, and convenience of our Oslo-based RTD company - because good cocktails should always be within arm's reach!

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